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Opening Lines

A typical Question which I receive from readers of my homepage:

>Hi question - do you have some nice opening lines and a little bit on how to continue it?
>Thanking you, Sender

Here is my Answer:

Thank you for your interest

Hi Sender,
of course I have nice opening lines, in fact, I have a lot and I can nearly 100 % predict how conversation will go on after the line. These are the first 5 Seconds and the first 5 Minutes. After this, you will have to continue with your own phantasie and I have some really good rules how to continue and always find the right words and questions to keep up an interesting conversation which will make the girl think you are very adorable.

Following, I got rules how to behave and what to do where to go during the next dates. I bet, that the girl will fall in love with you during the first to third date and that you will make love with her within the third and 5th meeting with her, if not earlier.

Here is an example of an opening line

which I have often used with succes and which you can use in a music club.

Opening line to a girl who is in the club together with her friend. Her friend is not necessarily needed for this :-) however, the most girls go out with another girl.

You: "Excuse me, sorry to interrupt your conversation with your friend, may I ask what time is it, I gotta check my watch.

Prediction what she will answer: "Just a second, well, it is a quarter past midnight..."

You, checking with your own watch:" You are right, and I notice itīs been a long time now since I am in this place and have not seen a pretty girl like you which I would like to ask for a dance. So wont you dance with me, see, its already a quarter past midnight and we already have lost a lot of time not dancing with each other..."

Prediction A) what she will estimately will answer: "(laughing): Okay, lets dance..."
Prediction B) what she will estimately will answer: "Do you always open like this?"

You: "Only in cases when itīs late. By the way, do you want me to open like any other man, I could do this for you. Shall I?"
She: "Yes please"

You, turning away a few steps, approaching again, saying: "Hello, my name is (MAX), would you like to dance with me?"

Prediction what will happen:
A) She will laugh and go dance with you on the dance floor
B) Or she will continue the conversation about the way you use your opening line.

Try it and you will see that it works.

Get more opening lines with predictions.
Iīll tell you how to continue and lead conversations and
I predict what happens if you lead the conversation in certain directions.

Additionally, you will get tipps

where to go out with her,
what to do,
when to do it and
how to do it.

All with prediction how she will react.
The ORGASM of The YEAR is another example to that
But before you go there make shure, you use the Internet-Explorer or the new browser of Netscape 6

Do you know the ORGASM Of The YEAR?

Best Regards and a lot of success.

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