Flirtation Teacher
Provoking question in date conversation

Welcome to the ORGASM Of The YEAR

Imagine you´r on a date or a party
and the conversation is quite funny.
With the following question (joke)
you could lead the conversation in a sexy direction.
and later talk about SEX.

This is the question:

Do you know the ORGASM 2001 ?

What do you think
will be the answer of the
person you asked
Please do like this: 1st mark the answer, 2nd click on VOTE
You will be shown the results of the poll
displayed automatically in a new window
that will be opend and can be easyly clicked away again.

Do you know the ORGASM 2001 ?
Yes, I know that joke.
No, what do you mean?

Did you vote??
Do YOU know the joke or do you not?
Do you think you know how it might go on?

so you do or you don´t, doesn´t matter

If you like, you can have my suggestions
how to continue the conversation after this question.

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you will receive:

  • the right answer
  • the possible reaction
  • hints how to go on talking
  • how to ask 4 the orgasm in 2002
  • and a link to a site to make dates.

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Use this flirtation during New Year's or Carnaval-Party or any another very funny event!


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